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Monday, August 22, 2011
♥; Me & My Loved Ones
Hello! :)

Nah,it's not my birthday....yet.
My advanced birthday presents!
lols :P
and the super dee duper helium balloon dat Nora gave me! :D
i likeeeeee!

Sun, 21st Aug.
I did smtg to my hair..

I pinned it to the side cos

e fringe look like bangs & i dun want bangs

so while waiting for it to grow, i haf to do that.


this is e scrapbook page dat i did for Nora! :)

This was my very first attempt btw.

Wad do u think?

and this is Ash's.

Now i'm a member of one of the scrapbook shops. hehee.

Anyways, i made them all by myself, with nobody's help.

At first i looked at books for inspiration.

Den i just decided to go with the flow

and did it my way.

I used layers, markers, design papers, alphabet stickers,

pop-up stickers, design masking tapes, rhinestone,

journal tags, photo mats, craft punch, scissors with unique design edges, and photos.

Afra-san! :)

Nora Chong! :)

Ashnarma! :)

Sat, 20th Aug.

Iftar plus Birthday Celebrations get-together

with my girls and my Elfie

at Badoque.

(Afra-17 July, Ash-15 Aug, Nora-26 Aug, Me-29 Aug)

Apparently e surprise was for me & i only found out last min!

Thank u darlings.

The cupcakes were from Sayang & Ash.

Buat orang panic je..

i tot smtg was gg to jump out from the box.

I haf no idea wad i'm doing.. lols.

And Sayang gave me a...

polaroid! :D


Me and Dear..

Me and girlfriends..

Pink's mine, Ash's blue & Nora's white.

They decided to take together so i snapped using my digicam

in the cab.


Thank you all for e gifts & surprises :)

Dear, thanx again for e treat, e polaroid, e cupcakes, e instant films,

e batteries (YES! BATTERIES. rofl. like IKR?)

and... the birthday card! :D

I appreciate everything.

One of the best celebrations ever!

Sun, 14th Aug

TWCD surprised me with a birthday treat at

the SG Flyer! :)

Thank u babes.

And how can i forget the presents

ya'll gave me?

One of them made me go OMG. :P

hehee. *hush hush*

Me, Wan Ting, Yi Ting & Rachel.

Sun, 7th Aug.

Dad's side Iftar at

Kampung Chai Chee Restaurant.

We had 5 round tables and 1 long table.


Talk about conquer.


Manchester United jerseys

with names and numbers.

Don't play-play! :P

All thanks to my bro.

My bro, my sis & me

(not standing in birth order :P)

Sun, 17th July.

Me and Sayang went cycling at ECP.

i love you :)

We were enjoying the view of the sea.

U macam shy... :P

Sun, 26th June.

Sunday, 1st May

Rachel's birthday party.

Rach's bf, Timolthy & Rachel; Me & my bf, Elfie :D



I dunno how many pics i've posted here but

it's quite a number.

The rest of the pictures will be in separate albums

in my multiply,

together with other random photos not found here.

I'm beat.


I would start off with some quote but i find myself with none.

I only know that my feelings for you grow,

every single day. I might be busy at tyms,

but there's not a moment dat passes by,

dat i dun think of u. I love how we constantly

tease each other, our rship is fun and upbeat,

plus we get silly and kerayzee.

But, we also know when to slow down

and enjoy our silence.

Your eyes are like magic;

it's like they thrive on fire. Like a feeling of longing, yearning

and utmost passion, my heart beats each time

i look into your eyes. I have no script, this is all impromptu.

Your stare hooks me up, as if reeling me in to get closer to u.

There's something about u, that intrigues me everyday.

U didn't know dat, did u? :)

You are special to me.

Muhammad Elfie,

I sayang u.

From, your dear <3.

3:30 AM


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♥ Nur Sahidah
♥ 29 August 1988
♥"I can be deliriously happy,
kerayzee, silent, with a touch of insanity,
somewhere deep within me."♥

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